Apo Island

Trip to Apo Island will be available with a Naui Certified rescue diver from Bread of Life as a guide only on July 2.

However, a trip may be arranged using regular commercial guides on any day.

Please allot 9 hours.

Cost of pump boat rental is P3000 for pump boat that accommodates 10 people
[45-minute travel]

For inquiries please contact Lucille Beatingo at 0917 625.9317

– Leave Dumaguete at 6 am, arrive in Zamboanguita at 6:30 am
– Ride pumpboat for Apo Island at 7:00am
– Arrive Apo Island at 7:45am
– Breakfast then snorkel for two hours.
– Leave Apo Island at the latest by 2 pm to avoid choppy waves
– Watch HINILAWOD at 8:00pm


Apo Island is located 30 km south of the Dumaguete. It is often listed among the top dive sites, most recently included by United Kingdom’s Sport Diver, the official magazine of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors among “100 Dives to Do Before You Die.”

Prior to 1982, Apo Island was one of the islands with a deteriorating marine life. The negative cycle of reef destruction leading to decreasing fish populations leading to more destructive fishing practices, threatened to destroy the marine life of the island.
Today, the negative cycle has been replaced, starting with environmental protection leading to economic stability and a community living a sustainable intact lifestyle.

Apo Island became a marine reserve in 1982 , and has become an underwater paradise. It is replete with a continuous chain of underwater life, with hard and soft corals, attracting reef fish like snappers, surgeon fish, damsel fish, parrot fish, anemone fish and wrassse, which in turn invite large species like barracuda, tuna, white tip and black tip sharks, turtles and manta rays.

The island boasts of six-hundred and fifty documented fish species and four hundred types of marine corals.

Because of the success in rehabilitating Apo Island, professors from the Philippines and around the world have come to study the “Apo model”. Even the government has been unable to do this as effectively in other areas of the Philippines. It is difficult to replicate on account of it requiring not only a forward thinking community in terms of conserving the reef, but also a selfless individual willing to do his or her share in preserving the community.

Aside from the snorkeling, which will allow the snorkeler to feast on clown fish of all kinds, there is a hiking trail to the lighthouse on the top of the island where you can see a variety of fruit trees. There is no motorized traffic like cars or motorbikes found on the Island.

For those who wish to stay overnight, Liberty’s Lodge and Apo Island Beach Resort provide accommodations.



  Joy Andres wrote @

How much is the total cost for this Apo Island tour? kindly enumerate list of expenses for this…and how to book this tour before hinilawod, lets say we are a group of 25 pax. please give us quotation for this..thanks!

-Joy Andres

  kape wrote @

Hi Joy. The Hinilawod Secretariat will be in touch with you through the email address you gave regarding your query. You may also directly get in touch with us through
Mobile: +63 922 870.9975
Email: info@hinilawod.com or info.hinilawod@gmail.com

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