Package Two: E.A.T. Danao Tour

[Guided tour is available on July 3]

E.A.T. stands for Extreme/Eco/Educational Adventure Tour, which is an ecotourism concept set up to benefit the Municipality of Danao, Bohol and its people.

Danao played a pivotal role in the Philippine’s resistance during the Spanish period. It is in these mountain ranges that Francisco Dagohoy led an 85 year revolt. Dagohoy was said to have “run like the wind” in these mountains, climbing roots, slipping in and out of caves like a ghost. In EAT Danao, we actually get to do what Dagohoy did that made this Filipino warrior a legend.

Danao offers unique and exhilarating activities in different categories, such as the Ziplet, the Sky Ride, the Plunge, the Suislide, River Trekking, River Tubing, River Kayaking, Wall climbing, Rappelling, Root Climbing and others.

Each activity is set amidst verdant valleys framed by the majestic expanse of mountain ranges. To trim down the choices for the individual tourist, specific activities are grouped into three: Extreme, Ecological, and Educational.

All these activities converge in one place called the Danao Adventure Park. The Park is located at barangay Magtangtang, 72 kilometers from the city of Tagbilaran and only about two (2) hours ride away from the city.


Plunge [P700 per person]

Sky Ride [P250 per person]

Caving [P350.00/person, minimum of 5 persons]

River Tubing [P200.00/person]

Kayaking [P200.00/person]

River/Mountain Trekking/Hiking [P200.00/person]

Wall Climbing [P100.00/person]

Rappel (60m) [P600.00/person, Minimum of 5 pax]

Rappel w/ root climbing [P400.00/person]

Suislide [P350.00/person]

Suislide & Rappel (60m) [P850.00/person, Minimum of 5 pax]

Camping [P25 per camper]

Village Tour [P200.00/person]

Package rate: Php1600 minimum of 9 [Excluding Lunch, Boat fares and activities]


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