The Play

Discovery of the Epic
Other Performances

JULY 1, 2 & 3, 2010
8:00 pm
Luce Auditorium, Silliman University
Dumaguete City, Philippines

Tickets are available at the following prices:
P1,000, P500, P300, P200, P100

For ticket reservations:
Mobile: +63 922 870.9975



  Mirza Daytia wrote @

This is one of the many ways to tell the Filipino people that we were already civilized before we were colonized….Just to come up with this kind of story before TV,RADIO,INTERNET FILM and even before other races stepped in our land is already quite a big thing to be proud of and stand out of the accusations that we are damn and uncivilized.

To all FIlipinos, we have our jewels, we have riches to love and to protect, let us learn to keep them of our own and not putting them into disgrace…we are our own land and so we ought to love ourselves as we love our country PHILIPPINES…

Mahal na PILIPINAS, gihigugma ko ikaw….pakamtayan ko ikaw hangtod sa akong makaya…akong ipanghambog ang imong ka gwapa ug ang imong ka datu…adunahan ka ug maambong,angayng ipahabalo sa tibuok kalibutan ang imong silang,nag dako kami kanimo ug mouli kami sa makagagahom kuyog kanimo sa among kasing -kasing.MAHAL KO IKAW PILIPINAS.

  aljsf wrote @

how did islands of panay and negros come to be

  RmDC wrote @

You may check Hinilawod, the Story

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