Rico is a magnificent example of a life wasting away on drugs, gently picked up by God, polished and put on a stage to show what his touched-up man can become. Rico started singing in his school choir in grade school, but in high school, became unmotivated, got into wrong choices and wrong crowds. After completing a rehabilitation program, he found himself in a church with a drama ministry, and discovered that he loved acting! His story went one step upward when after 12 years he married his high school sweetheart, a fine young lady who, in the meantime had also been found by God. Rico’s discovery was this: when he turned to God, God had been facing him all along.


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  Don’t mess with Anna. « Epic of the Three Stars wrote @

[…] not without good cause. Should the young Labaw Donggon mess up then, she’ll have to answer to Datu Paubari and the goddess Alunsina. She also embodies one of the characters from the original Hinilawod epic. […]

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